Case Studies and Partial Client List

We have extensive experience in the Rocky Mountain region as well as Texas, Alaska, North Africa, Brazil, Iraq and other locations around the globe. Our client base is likewise varied with mixture of small producers, large international companies and both private and public research organizations.

1. Partial Listing of Areas & Formations Worked


  • Bakken Shale, ND
  • Baxter Shale, WY
  • Bossier Shale, LA
  • Cody Shale, WY
  • Eagle Ford Shale, TX
  • Gothic Shale, UT
  • Mowry Shale, WY
  • Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, LA
  • Wolfcamp Shale, TX
  • Woodford Shale, OK


  • Abiod Limestone, Tunisia
  • Aneth field, UT
  • Austin Chalk, TX
  • Buda Limestone, TX
  • Ellenberger, Permian basin, TX
  • Haynesville Limestone, TX, LA
  • Kurdistan and Iraq
  • Lisburne Limestone, AK
  • Niobrara Formation, WY, CO, NM
  • North Sea Chalk, England


  • Abo Formation, NM
  • Alluvial fan, fluvial, and playa strata, Morocco
  • Cedar Mountain Formation, UT
  • Mesaverde Group, CO, WY, NM
  • Nubian Sandstone, Libya
  • Shattuck Member of the Queen Formation, NM
  • Two Medicine Formation, MT
  • Wasatch Formation, CO

Tight Gas Sands

  • Dakota Sandstone, CO, NM
  • Frontier Formation, WY
  • Mesaverde Formation, CO, NM

Coal bed Methane

  • Raton basin, CO, NM
  • San Juan basin, CO, NM

CO2 Sequestration

  • Aneth field, UT
  • Permian basin, TX, NM
  • San Juan basin, CO, NM
  • Tensleep Formation, WY


  • Nevada and New Mexico


  • Altamont-Bluebell, Green River and Wasatch formations, UT
  • Bone Spring Sandstone, Delaware Basin, TX, NM
  • Cedar Mountain Formation, UT
  • Dakota Sandstone, San Ysidro, NM
  • Homestake Gold Mine, SD
  • Monterey Formation, CA
  • Nubian Sandstone, southern Libya
  • Paleozoic sandstones of southern Algeria
  • Spraberry, Midland basin, TX
  • Tensleep Sandstone, WY

2. Partial Listing of Clients and Research Affiliates

  • Anschutz Exploration Corporation
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Davis Energy
  • Devon Energy Corporation
  • EnCana Corporation
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, University of Wyoming
  • Enterprise Tunisienne d'Activites Petrolieres
  • EOG Resources Incorporated
  • ExxonMobil Corporation
  • FracGeo LLC
  • Gulf Keystone Petroleum International LTD
  • Harvey E. Yates Company (HEYCO)
  • High Mount Exploration and Production LLC
  • Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Nadel and Gussman LLC
  • Occidental Petroleum Corporation
  • Pemex, Petroleos Mexicanos
  • Petroleum Professional Development Center, Midland College, Texas
  • Pioneer Natural Resources Company
  • Prism Seismic Incorporated
  • Rock Deformation Research Ltd., University Leeds, England
  • Samson Resources Company
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation
  • Southwestern Energy Company
  • United States Department of Energy
  • Yates Petroleum Corporation

3. Sample Reports and Publications

We have written numerous proprietary core and outcrop reports. Please find below PDFs of public-domain reports on:

Raton Basin:

San Juan Basin:

CO2 Sequestration Test in the Permian Basin:

Fractures over Mobile Salt:

Multiwell Experiment Project Reports:
Core Based Stress Measurements SAND932239.pdf
Multi-Site Project Seismic Verification SAND937039.pdf
Multiwell Experiment Core Analysis SAND890710.pdf
Multiwell Experiment Final Report 1 SAND870327.pdf
Multiwell Experiment Final Report 2 SAND881008.pdf
Multiwell Experiment Final Report 3 SAND883284.pdf
Multiwell Experiment Final Report 4 SAND892612-1.pdf
Multiwell Experiment Final Report 4-2 SAND892612-2.pdf
Multiwell Experiment Finding and Exploiting Fractured Reservoirs

Characterization of Natural Fractures in Mesaverde Core from the Multiwell Experiment SAND 88-1800.pdf
This report lists and characterizes 1900 natural fractures found in 4200 feet of 4-inch diameter Mesaverde core, much of it oriented, from the MWX site in the Piceance basin of northwestern Colorado. The different types of fractures are analyzed and the data synthesized to explain the fracture origins, the tectonic history recorded by the fractures, and the reservoir plumbing system that fractures create. A second dimension characterizing the spacing of these fractures from deviated core taken from a slant/horizontal hole at this site is described in Lorenz, J.C., and Hill, R.E., 1994, Subsurface fracture spacing: Comparison of inferences from slant/horizontal and vertical cores: SPE Formation Evaluation, v. 9, p. 66-72.

Teapot Dome and Spraberry Formation:
Papers published in the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin on fractures at Teapot Dome (Wyoming) and in the Spraberry Formation (Midland basin, Texas) are provided as locked PDFs courtesy of AAPG. Additional publications are available through the AAPG at

The Teapot Dome Fracture Project data are utilized as the basic fracture database in fracture modeling classes.

Coring-Induced Fractures:
Recognition and Use of Induced Fractures, and Other Features in Core Produced by the Coring Process SAND 95-1482C.pdf
This report lists and describes several types of induced fractures and artifacts,created by the coring/drilling process, providing a basis for separating induced from natural fractures in core. The described structures include petal, centerline, scribe-knife, torque, and saddle fractures, as well as natural fractures in horizontal core modified by the coring process.

Department of Energy Reports:
Many of our publications with the Department of Energy are available through the DOE's Information Bridge website at This site provides free public access to all of the DOE's Scientific and Technical publications, search by author, title or area of interest.

4. Short Courses, Webinars and Field Trips taught

Upcoming short courses are listed on our home page. A partial listing of recently provided public courses is provided below.

Webinar: The Importance of Natural-Fracture Type in Controlling Reservoir Permeability
Organization: Subsurface Consultants and Associates LLC (SCA)
Date: January 31, 2018
Instructors: John Lorenz and Scott Cooper, FractureStudies LLC

Natural Fractures and Production in Different Reservoir Lithologies, Examples and Analogs from the San Juan Basin (New Mexico and Colorado, USA) (N371)
Organization: Nautilus World
Date: September, 2015, 2016 and 2017
Location: New Mexico and Colorado
Instructors: Bruce Hart, Statoil, John Lorenz and Scott Cooper, FractureStudies LLC

Petroleum Geology Field Camp
Organization: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Black Hills Natural Sciences Field Station
Date: Summer, 2015, 2016 and 2017
Location: Rapid City, South Dakota, with four to five nights camping in Colorado, Wyoming or North Dakota
Instructors: Various, with Scott Cooper along for four days of lecture, core and in-the-field exercises
Registration: or phone 1-605-431-1275 or e-mail Dr. Nuri Uzunlar,

ACE SC19, Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Organization: 100th Annual Convention and Exhibition of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Date: April 6-7, 2017
Location: Houston, Tx
Instructors: John C. Lorenz and Scott P. Cooper, FractureStudies LLC

ACE SC01, Writing for the AAPG Bulletin: Having Fun While Avoiding Pitfalls
Organization: American Association of Petroleum Geologists (100th Annual Convention and Exhibition)
Date: April 1, 2017
Location: Houston, Tx
Instructors: Gretchen M. Gillis, John C. Lorenz and Michael L. Sweet

Understanding, Evaluating and Managing Fractured Reservoirs (M231)
Organization: Nautilus World
Date: Various, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Location: Various Locations
Instructor: John Lorenz, FractureStudies LLC

Fractured Reservoirs: From Geologic Concepts to Reservoir Models
Organization: American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Date: Fall, 2012, 2013, and 2014
Location: Casper, Wyoming
Instructors: Ahmed Ouenes, FracGeo,, John Lorenz and Scott Cooper, FractureStudies LLC

Applied Concepts in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Organization: American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Date: April 5-6, 2014 (with AAPG Annual Meeting)
Location: Houston, TX
Instructors: John Lorenz and Scott Cooper, FractureStudies LLC

Recognizing, Differentiating and Analyzing Natural and Induced Fractures in Core
Organization: PTTC Rocky Mountain Region
Date: June 11-12, 2014
Location: USGS Core Research Center, Lakewood, Colorado
Instructors: John Lorenz and Scott Cooper, FractureStudies LLC

Fractured and Shale Reservoirs: From Geologic Concepts to Reservoir Models
Organization: Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Doodle Train Continuing Education Week
Date: Fall, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014 and 2017
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Instructor: Ahmed Ouenes, FracGeo,, John Lorenz and Scott Cooper, FractureStudies LLC


photo Lorenz studying fractured limestone in the Ahnet basin of southern Algeria.

photo Fractured Tensleep sandstones in anticlines are some of the most important reservoirs in Wyoming: we have finished a study of these units for the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute at the University of Wyoming.

We have documented the interplay between faults and fractures in the San Juan basin of New Mexico.

photo Extension fracture with plumose structure in the Raton basin, Colorado and New Mexico, part of an extensive Lorenz and Cooper et al. (2004) Sandia National Laboratories Technical Report.


Well developed petal and centerline fractures (Lorenz et al., 1990) in the Spraberry Formation of the Midland basin, Texas (Lorenz et al., 2002).